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  1. Prophetess Amanda Matthews says:

    Good day family many blessings in the name of Jesus. I have been following ChurchedOut for seven years, and the wisdom is refreshing and new with every service. The flow of the Spirit today though was phenomenal..The Spirit of God was active and present. I sow seeds regularly.. I AM a tithe giver, a seed sower, and an offering maker. The Lord is ever present, and good. Change definitely has been good, and may we all continue to rise to knowing and overstanding higher wisdom. Thanks Prophet Corvell.

  2. Prophetess Amanda Matthews says:

    I have been following this ministry since 2012, and I will tell you that I have grown spiritually. The lesson today is still speaking to my spirit. What a word! Im telling you God is going to do great things through this ministry I am so glad to be a part of it. Increase says the Lord. A new year of increase in coming. I will be sowing this week.

  3. Sonoria Mosley says:

    Im sowing for the Favor stone I need Favor in my live
    Change is good.

  4. Elia Rodriguez says:

    Last night I was honored to be part of the listening audience during the Relationship Wisdom: RAW & UNCUT Part 1. Glory to God and the man of God for the impartation of this Wisdom. I came to the realization that I have been taught wrong all these years. In retrospect I now see that I have been living a life of condenmnation of thyself. I have had seasons where I back slid and thought to myself “I’m too weak to be a Christian”. Never really grasping or understanding my ways, therefore never really getting revelation of my sinful nature. Due to this ignorance I found myself in a washing machine cycle of the same dirt but with a different clothes (man). The load ends but the grime was still being worn on my person, never really clean. Because of last night I can examine why I continue to make the same mistake and deal with the root of my issues. Condemnation only suppresses the ability to be accountable and prevents logical reasoning to find the error of the act. Condemnation was my distraction.Thank you and God bless for this new perspective n awakening and setting me free.

  5. This book! Identityology – I Am God In Me…game changer! Read this book by Prophet Corvell Brown. It WILL awake your identity within. Believe.

  6. Powerful call! I give God permission to be me. So many testimonies!! Change is good.

  7. Prophetess Tashana Jackson says:

    I love C.o.m.b.!!! I have grown so much with this ministry. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and Lean Not into thy own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path. Ptoverbs 3:5 I have learned to change the inside of me inorder to change the outside of me. CHANGE IS GOOD!!

  8. Master Student Anyie says:

    In today’s lesson I learned two things:1) A person must make the choice to do right or wrong, Jesus cannot make that for them. He only came to make way, be the truth and the light to point them in the right direction, not to do it for them. 2) When Jesus dies for our sins, He open the door for man to have a chance to live again.

  9. Prophet Devon Wilson says:

    What I learned in today’s lesson “know Jesus no more as man, but as the word” was you must understand who you are and not to get caught up in these stories that tell you who you are. Its cool that the bible has the earthly stories to let us know that others been through it, but we must not connect with it, we must connect with the spiritual side or purpose behind it, to grow closer to the Father.

  10. Prophetess Alicia Graves says:

    My God! I love my ChurchedOut Family! My family has been through many tough trails and you all were there every step of the way.I have trusted the Words you all have spoken over me and I see God manifesting each Word as time goes by! Thank you so much for pouring into me the wisdom of God! My family has truly been blessed from this ministry! God Bless!

  11. This is a prophetic leadership ministry. This ministry has knowledge over the times and seasons you are going through. If you desire to delve deeper into the ministry you can sign up for master student Tuesdays. God bless Churched Out ministries.

  12. Prophetess Alicia Graves says:

    I love my Churchedout Family! Great things are coming! 🙂

    • Prophetess Pam Storrs says:

      Churched Out This ministry has been a powerful and eye opening, heart opening teaching. Loving Churched Out.

  13. God bless the ChurchedOut Family! This ministry is changing lives!! To God be the glory.

  14. Master Student Kerstin says:

    I was so glad to be mentioned in sunday’s service and to even receive a word from the lord. Thanks a lot for that!
    God bless you, dear churchedout-team!

  15. Evangelist Matasha says:

    I am glad to continue to be connected to ChurchedOut. Bless the prophets and prophetesses that continue to connect with God’s people.

  16. Prophetess Faye says:

    3 words…I love ChurchedOut! Blessings!!

  17. Master Student Alicia Graves says:

    This morning I woke up with thankfulness on my mind for God and those He has used to bless me. ChurchedOut immediately came to my mind and heart. I have been a Master Student for almost two years now and there has been a total Spiritual transformation inside of me. I have learned what it truly means to study my Living Word compared to just studying the Written Word. In order to have a fulfilling life and one that honors the Lord, both Words must be studied and mastered. Prior to ChurchedOut I did not understand that or know that. I had been in church all my life and never was taught to see God the way I do now. I AM more connected with my Creator. Many blessings to all the Prophets and Prophetesses! Continue to teach God’s people! Love you all! CHANGE IS GOOD!

  18. Evangelist Matasha says:

    By faith I will comment for my seed to come. I thank God that I am connected to a ministry that helps you understand what you are doing and not just allowing you to do without understanding and even if you stray from your understanding they help you to get back on track. And help you remain focus on your goals and passions that you have set for yourself. Thank God for ChurchedOut. Change is Good!

  19. Master Student Faye says:

    What a great call! Masters provoke you to think. Sending love to my ChurchedOut Family! Change is hmm hmm good! God bless you all.

  20. My Gratitude goes out to Churched Out Ministry..You are truly a life changing ministry..A People whom I am glad to Call Family. For your faithfulness and commitment to what’s good, to what’s perfect and to what’s true. I now am more free from Me than I have ever been. I can Step out, I can be proud to be who I am regardless of other people’s thoughts. I understand why I am so different and can embrace it proudly. You Are My Family, My Blood for we are all covered by the same, internally and externally. Crafted by the Same Creator and spread amongst the world. Thank you, I AM A MASTER IF MY WORLD BECAUSE OF MINE ANGELS…BECAUSE OF YOU AWAKENING ME. Hats Off to You and your movement. Much ♥

  21. Master Student Amanda Matthews says:

    The message that I heard today was a true blessing. The teachings that I have been hearing from this ministry has taught me to think, and look beyond my circumstances. From the date that I started as a Master Student I have grown, and I am continuing to gain wisdom and understanding with every teaching that I hear. Many blessings to all the Master Prophets and Prophetesses that pour out their wisdom unto us everyday. I am always hungry and humble to the Word of God. I am glad to be a part of the ministry, and look forward to the next service. God bless all of you.

  22. Master Student Faye says:

    Wow! ChurchOut, thank you for calling the Resurrection Liquid Fast. During this fast, I learned that discipline will empower you not punish you…just change your perspective. I have experienced resurrection power in the area of self awareness. To God be the glory!

  23. Five words, “God is in the midst!”, No matter what you are going through, no matter what you face He is there. Every Tunnel has a light in the midst no matter how dark it gets, keep moving toward that exit and you will get toward your destination. But be careful, because whatever you allow to come across your mind and stay there or even speak it out it will dramatically change the situation, for the good or the bad. You cause God to move for & even against your situation, even thought he doesn’t want to move against, its your father that causes it. They say, “Actions speak louder than words” But I say it’s your words that cause that action outside of you. God bless churchedout and thank you for this mornings word, I look forward to hearing the recording of thoghits second call when I get off work. Stay faithful

  24. Prophetess Kyla McConnell says:

    This ministry has had a huge impact on my life. I joined ChurchedOut almost one year ago and the prophets have given me fresh outlook, direction, comfort, and hope. Earlier this year, Prophet Corvell prophesied that I would be getting an award in school soon.Less than two weeks later, I was granted an award in one of the organizations I am in at my college. They have also prophesied that my family would be coming closer together, and I have seen more of my family in the last 4 months than I have in the last few years. I have watched as God has moved into healing the relationships and the health my mother and grandmother. ChurchedOut is such a blessing!

  25. Master Student Alicia Brown says:

    I can not say enough good things about Churched Out, Prophet Corvell, and everyone else who is a part of this ministry! I have grown SO much sense I have been a master student! God answered my prayers when He brought this ministry in my path. I was at a point where I felt stagnant and I was not growing and because of Prophet Corvell and his master student program I no longer feel that way. I am still and always will be a work in progress but I know know and understand growth means moving forward. I have a greater understanding of the scriptures and how to apply them to my daily living. I am so excited for my future and my growth! CHANGE IS GOOD!!!! YES LORD!

  26. I enjoy Todays call, “I serve a weird God, Learn to hear from God in a Weird way” That call was for me and confirmed the thoughts I have been having. I learned to Name all things God, even the things that I would normally see as bad. He works in all things nomatter how they look. ALso, that he is training my EYE not the eyes of the natural but that of the spiritual. Pulling out things within me and bringing them to the surface so that they be fixed. This call has enouraged and stretched me in many ways. 1 Peter 4:15 will be in my heart daily. Thanks Prophet Corvell Brown and ChurchedOut Body for continually pressing forward to implant seeds within us so that we be empowered enough to water them and grow.

  27. This mornings call was EMPOWERING!! Take Your blessings by force, Get violent with righteousness, Stand up and proclaim Heaven on Earth Today! To know and be reminded that Our Father has already implanted his power within us/within me, give us assurance that nothing is too hard to accomplish in this Life. Our Experience can be as fulfilling as we desire it to be; I am transitioning from Esau to Jacob and taking all things by force and not looking back, BECAUSE IT IS MINE. I Was Told I can Have It and my Experience here will be full of greatness. My Keys are Right here and Shall Remain Here. Thank God for churchedout and for bringing something different to the table and presenting God’s word in a plain manner. The seeds this ministry in planting will not be in Vain, God Bless you in every manner that you see it.

  28. Master Student Matasha Lee says:

    I am glad to be connected to a ministry that has introduced me to who I am. On Master student Tuesdays, we learn more than a word written but our own word, who we are, why we are destined to master each part of our lives. We learn that Father doesn’t desire us to just love him but to love ourselves, not just worship him with our mouth but to worship him through accomplishing our dreams and goals. I don’t think there is a ministry out there that is also concerned about your health and wealth, allowing you to have possibilities and not focus on the impossible. They push you by growing to your greatest potential and never settling for less. They provide their students with mentors that have million, billion dollar mindsets, so you can never believe that you have any limits. The mentors have walked a mile in your shoes, so they know where you are coming from but most of all how far you will go. It is a true blessing to connect with ChurchedOut but you have to be willing to change and guess what CHANGE IS GOOD!

  29. I am so blessed to be connected to a life changing ministry like ChurchedOut! My mind is stretched on every call. I have learned how to listen to God and even what the voice of God sounds like! I have also learned how to remain faithful and to speak the Word only! ChurchedOut has even helped my marriage. Prophet Corvell has actually spoken words of encouragement to both my husband and me. He taught us how to love one another the way God loves us and more. I am forever grateful for this ministry!I even sow into the Master Student line monthly as well so that I may have access to the Master teachers at any time of the day! When I’m not sure about something or just need to speak with someone, ChurchedOut is always here to speak the Word of God and definitely a Word of encouragement to me! I am totally blessed, blessed and blessed! I thank God for leading me to ChurchedOut! God Bless!

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