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14 Daily Thoughts For Safe Living  $10.00btn_buynow_SM

Vie Securitaire (Safe Living) The safest place in the world is inside of you! Enjoy life!






IDENTITYOLOGY $20.00 btn_buynow_SM

Get ready for your mind to explore and to become comfortable with who you are inside and out!



I Am Healed $14.52 Hard Copy btn_buynow_SM Ebook 7.52 btn_buynow_SM

I have written this book to be an inspiration to those that are going through an illness within their body. All that is in this book is to help you mentally. Having an illness can make you feel unsure about what is happening in your body. This journey begins within your mind first.




Master Teacher-50 Mentorship Golden Rules $20.20btn_buynow_SM

Now that you’ve mastered being a Master Student, it’s time to master being a Master Teacher! Allow this book to open your mind up to how the mentor masters their students! 




Master Students everywhere the brand new Master Student Bible is here!!! In this power-packed, quick read your mind will surely be stretched!! Master Teacher Prophet Corvell has given you 50 Mastery Mentorship Keys to enhance your Master Student Journey!! This book is read like a Mastery of Mentorship Study Guide and with each page you turn, you will see the development of your mind as you search within yourself as you travel to a place called, “there”!

Master Student Mastery 50 Mentorship Keys $40.00Paypalbutton






This book was created to penetrate those unanswered thoughts about being single. This small, but easy, read will explode within you like a fresh breath of air! Relationship Wisdom Is Good!!!

Single And In Love Hard Copy $20.00  Paypalbutton

Ebook $10.00btn_buynow_SM



Why are there so many divorces today? Would you like to know the answer? It is simply one word: MASTERY. The Bible states that things are destroyed when there is lack; this also applies within relationships. Why live in relationship misery when you can have relationship mastery? This book was designed as a master key to unlock relationships.

Purchase Your Relationship Laws of Thinking Hard Copy $20.00 Paypalbutton

Purchase Your Relationship Laws of Thinking  Ebook for $10.00 btn_buynow_SM 





Come learn the basics of the prophetic! In this quick read you will begin to explore the world of the prophetic by understanding the world that has been right in front of you! If you have ever wondered how the voice of God sounded or if you ever wanted to know more about the gift of the prophetic, Prophetess Latresha Penister has written the perfect book for you. As soon as you read the first chapter your mind will surely be blown!

Purchase Prophetic Insight Hard Copy$15.00 btn_buynow_SM

Purchase Prophetic Insight Ebook $10.00 btn_buynow_SM



Do you know the difference between one day and “the day”? It’s simple. One day will never come, and “the day” has already arrived. Many people believe it is a long process to success. But in this 3 chapter book,”THE DAY I STOP WORKING MY BEHIND”, it is as easy as 1,2,3. Success did not come to Bill Gates Microsoft, Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo productions, Tyler Perry Studios and even Churchedout ministry with the mind set of saying, “I think I am success.” But it began the day it was thought of. Saying, “one day I will be successful, may never come.” But saying, “Today I am successful,” will never leave you guessing about tomorrow!

The Day I Stop Working My Behind Hard Copy $10 btn_buynow_SM 

The Day I Stop Working My Behind EBook $5.00 btn_buynow_SM





The right thought in the right hour can change your life forever. It’s not what you do but what you think to do!

Purchase Conscious Wisdom: Aged 33 Wisdom Hard Copy $10.33 btn_buynow_SM

Purchase Conscious Wisdom: Aged 33 Wisdom Ebook  $5.33btn_buynow_SM



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Build your audio library with all of your favorite ChurchedOut teachings!



I Got You Download I Got You

Stay on Course w/ Prophet James Pace Download Stay on Course with Prophet James Pace



God is Speaking in the Midst of Your Exodus  $0.99  

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