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Why live in relationship misery when you can have relationship mastery? The Prophet has created Relationship Mentorship classes to help you have greater wisdom within your future or current relationship. If you feel that you desire more Relationship Wisdom sign up today. There are some requirements  that are required of you once you sign up.
1. Sign up below free of charge
2. Attend each Relationship Mentorship Class free of charge every Wednesday


If you miss class listen to the playback 530-881-1399 passcode 570754

3. Have Notepad and pen

4. Purchase the Vision Package $40.00btn_buynow_SMif you need a one on one mentoring  this is 2 books –Single and In Love & Sexology also access to Prophet Corvell 24/7 for 30 days time may be extended if needed.
5. Once you have completed the class you will receive a Relationship Certificate.

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