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68 Comments to Donations

  1. Verneesha Lee says:

    I am sowing a seed for Favor and obedience

  2. Fabianna Anderson says:

    I Pledge this seed for miracle opening doors in 2017 which Prophet says it my year. I didn’t know how much to pledge was going to do $20.17 but God showed me the number $47.00
    I claim and decree overflow Quickly

  3. Jessica Johnson says:

    I just sowed a NOW SEED!!!!! Im living in my past present and future.

  4. Sonoria God Saved My Life Mosley says:


  5. Keith / wallstreet black says:

    I’m sowing a growth seed , new beginnings and wealth and good health also , always enjoy the prophets teachings , so since I’ve been growing I’m sowing , god bless everyone at churched out , mind building ministry

  6. Sonoria God Saved My Life Mosley says:

    I’m sowing my coming out seed I had some stumbling blocks but I’m coming out in the name of Jesus!!!

  7. Fabianna Anderson says:

    Great to be in touch with an amazing authentic graceful man of God. Nothing can compare to the obedience towards God. Thank you for you motivational and inspirational post.
    God Bless You Prophet

  8. Sonoria God Saved My Life Mosley says:

    I’m sowing a birthday seed for my pastor happy birthday

  9. Master Student Sonoria God Saved My Life Mosley says:

    Im sowing my spiritual growth seed because im growing spiritually thank you Prophet Corvell Brown you are

  10. Natasha Sullivan says:

    This is my faith seed! 7/31/16 this is the last $0.91 that I’ve been carrying on this card for the last two weeks. I’ve had to send my daughter to friends because no physical manifestation of money. AM a cheerful giver! I know Father had and will continue to bless me. Amen God’s people! #belief #changeisgood

  11. Samaria Richard says:

    I’m sowing my alignment seed 2016/17
    I’m the on Father God should bless..
    I am blessed…

  12. Elizabeth Brown says:

    Thank u Prophet Brown “I am naked and I am not ashamed” It helped me” bless your ministry

  13. Sonoria God Saved my Life Mosley says:

    I’m sowing my 2016 seed for prosperity and obedience with out letting fear paralyze me while I’m moving in the realm of the spirit.

  14. sonoriaGodSavedMyLifemosley says:

    What I received on the topic (use your filling’s for what you want to manifest and enjoy) when you are going threw you have to dig deep down and focus on what’s in side of you ,you have to have a vision to manifest over your life everything that goes on out side of you is just a distraction because we are on a assignment and everything works for our good do not let fear paralyze you if God is on your side who can go Against you
    (I’m sowin my walk by faith and not by sight seed)

  15. sonoriaGodSavedMyLifemosley says:

    I’m sowing a spiritual growth seed I can honestly say I’ve ben on the call’s for a year and never got in the Q but that will change I have really grown spiritually and mentaly and I want to thank you and all the master student’s for the prophetic word 12/16/15 every time I get on the call it bless me and thank you for helping me find my purpose, bless you man of God

  16. Prophetess Mia says:

    I am sowing a It is well seed for my daddy in the hospital Julius Darrington Jr. Thank you FATHER Eye know that ALL is well! I Am truly grateful for my mentor Prophet Corvell Brown and my ChurchedOut family! #changeisgood

  17. Your teaching has realy ben helping me with my spiritual walk thank you Prophet Corvell Brown

  18. Prophetess Mia says:

    Thank you Father for Your ministry through Churched Out. All praise! Glory! and Honor goes to you God!! I will continue to embrace who you created me to be. I AM sowing I want for nothing seed this morning!

  19. This Weeks mentor ship class was definitely compacted with in depth thought that causes ones mind to go deeper. My take on the call is simple; When you L.A.C.K you Suffocate your Vision. Again, You Loose All Conscious Knowledge of what you truly H.A.V.E (Access to that Holy Attainable Valid Evidence) of something that is priceless. Do You Know what you truly Have? Don’t you realize that your riches are beyond this realm? Take your eyes off of your circumstances and keep them on that which no man can buy. As long as you change your though everything else will line up the way it needs to.


  20. Prophetess Mia says:

    Powerful mentorship call today!! I AM One with the Father! I will continue to seek what I dont understand Yet to awaken what is already in me. #IWillContinueToSowWhereIGrow #ChangeISGood

  21. Prophetess Lesley says:

    I have sown my power seed!! Change is good!

  22. Master Student Prophetess Michelle says:

    Oh today’s call was AMAZING!! I named my tithe today “Death” because I got a new understanding about death and I want Father to continue to add to that seed in my mind! I no longer fear death. I can now embrace death because I understand that I am just shedding this body and transforming into something better than I am now!

  23. Prophetess Mia says:

    A great and powerful mentorship call! I have sown my power seed! #ChangeIsGood

  24. Master Student Prophetess Michelle says:

    Oh today’s call blessed my soul! I am learning how to think! No one has ever taught me how to think before being introduced to Churched Out Ministry. This ministry is freeing me from the dead thinking of religion even when I thought I was living a free life. True freedom is in my thinking! CHANGE IS GOOD!!!

  25. Mia says:

    I AM understanding the process of sowing. I AM awake and I will reap a Harvest! My Thoughts are being directed and I AM connected. I AM sowing my prosperity seed. #sowinWhereEYEamGrowing

  26. Mia says:

    I Am truly blessed to be part of such a genuine and Spirit lead ministry. God bless you Prophet Corvell Brown and Churched Out Ministry. I am sowing my darkness and light seed. #sowinwhereIMgrowing

  27. Yesterday’s Sunday Service “Topic: I go to prepare a place for you” was truly a blessing to me. It reminded me that my mentality will either break me or make me determining my place in life. Despite what goes on stop seeing mistakes in my life and learn from whatever goes on. Mastering each season as they come. Developing great peace/joy inside of me. Thank You Pastor for your continuous obedience in leading God’s people, I pray as you fee us you are continuously filled and that this ministry will reach the masses helping other like this ministry has helped me.

  28. Kristy Shaw says:

    We just sowed our new relationship beginigs seed. Prophet Corvell Brown has been used mightily by God in so many ways and in so many different situations and circumstances I believe I would not be where I am at today without God using him and this ministry. I can’t wait to see what God has in store us and this ministry. It was no accident we met. It was God ordained.

  29. Prophetess Lesley Morrison says:

    Today I purposed a seed and named it I Am birthing a new thought. I am changing my questioning into proclamation over my life. Today I have became absent to my struggles, issues, hurt, pain, and situations and have become present to what I want to see change, I am present to my answers. In order to see change I need to reposition myself and align myself with God’s will for my life. Thank you ChurchedOut for being here for me and teaching me so much about my thoughts and renewing my mind daily. I am blessed and highly favored.

  30. Prophetess Alicia Graves says:

    Today I purposed a seed into the universe, giving recognition that I am a giver because I believe that I am never in lack. I give because I see myself having! Through the wisdom taught here at Churchedout,I’ve learned that my thoughts are seeds, just as my tithes and offerings are seeds. So as a man thinks, so is he!Change is Good!

  31. Prophetess Michelle says:

    This ministry is so POWERFUL! The Lord is working through Prophet Corvel in mighty way! Prophet Corvel spends time worshiping and praising the Lord and it shows in his message. I have never been a part of such a wonderful church! I am excited for this next season that the Lord is bringing into my life with ChurchedOut! CHANGE IS GOOD!!!

  32. Prophetess Mia says:

    Sowing my age Wisdom seed! Sowing where I’m growing! God bless you Churched Out Minsistry! #ChangeIsGood

  33. Master Teacher Pam Storrs says:

    Listen this ministry is so very powerful that I am continually want to sow seeds into it! I am not going to miss the move of the Father by holding back my seeds! After joining this ministry and sowing my seeds I have received hundreds of thousands of $$$$$$$$. And the Father is speaking even more wealth into my life. How to even say thank you to #ChurchedOut for their continual obedience to the Father to minister to those of us that are great and small in Gods kingdom. Thank you to the head of this ministry Prophet Corvell Brown and the whole Churched Out family! Let it rain, let it rain more $$$$$$$$$$$$’s that the Father’s will be done. In Jesus name Amen!

  34. Master Teacher Pam Storrs says:

    As member of #ChurchedOut the Lord has deposited the living word into my life to build me up and edify me! It has leaded me to a place of more spiritual maturity… If you are not sure that the path that you are on is or is not of the Father this ministry hears from the Father and can help to conform what the Father is speaking to you at this season of your life. Join in with us because CHANGE IS GOOD!

  35. Sheridan Hines says:

    I was invited on tonight by my cousin, I was weary at first because I want to be careful who I allow to make deposits or as discussed tonight plant seeds in my life. I was blessed by what I heard and I plan to join you all again soon. God Bless! Change Is Good

  36. MY OH MY! Tonight’s Mentorship call went next level! I Accept Me As I Am and None can Add too or Take away from that! My seeds shall produce of its own kind and it will bring life and not poison it.

  37. Alicia says:

    Every call reminds me of who I am and who/why God created me! Thank you for answering your calling in life Churchedout! Change is good!

  38. Alicia Graves says:

    I am truly blessed to be apart of Churchedout Ministry! I love you all! Change is Good!

  39. Lesley Morrison says:

    Thank you Churched Out for being a tremendous blessing in my life. I truly appreciate this ministry. I have been gaining some understanding regarding some areas in my life. God continue to bless my new family!!!

  40. Alicia Graves says:

    Service was so awesome today! I am forgiven because I forgive!God Bless you my Churchedout Family!

  41. Milyssa says:

    I’m on my sycamore tree… whew!

  42. Master Teacher Pamela Storrs says:

    This is a Powerful mind building ministry, come join us if you need the Father to move in your life, for a mighty move of God. GET CHURCHED OUT!

  43. Prophetess QuarTrina says:

    Change is better than Good!!! I thank God for ChurchedOut, this ministry has awaken me in so many ways. This ministry is greatly needed today. I now walk with confidence while knowing my purpose & greatness that dwells inside of me. I’m truly blessed by this experience that God has given me through ChurchedOut ministry!

    • Prophetess Alicia says:

      Amen! I feel the same way! It is such a blessing to free of our old selves and renewed with Christ’s mindset! God Bless you Prophetess! Change is Great!

  44. Master Student Tashana says:

    This ministry has truly been a blessing. Sow as you grow and watch the Lord show up & show out. Hallelujah Change is Good!!

  45. Matasha Lee says:

    Excited and overwhelmed all at the same time for what Father is creating and helping me create within this season of my life, that I may obtain a well-balanced life. We learned on Sunday’s call on yesterday to cry the right tears and where to put our tears enegry at. We must learn how to shed the appopriate tears of faith. Grateful to be apart of a ministry that I hear Father speak so clearly through. :). So ready for what is to come and can’t wait to celebrate with ChurchedOut when the season comes for us all to be together. A true testimony it will be to see how far we all have come 🙂

  46. Master Student Matasha says:

    Continually moving forward and learning with the best! Remembering that the best is to come and what I am fighting for to obtain and see manifest! CHANGE IS GOOD!!!!

  47. Master Student Matasha says:

    Thank my Father for strength and grace within this season. I am glad that he has establish me a foundation with ChurchedOUT that helps me to remain positive in all my situations of life, and God bless my mentor Min. Latresha for helping me through it all and be a great mentor to me. Thank Father for all you guys that are connected to ChurchedOUT. May we continue to grow even closer and see all our dreams manifest and our lands change.

  48. Master Student Matasha says:

    I am so appreciative to be connected to greatness and grow as an individual with understanding of my life and how Father sees me as. I thank my Father for allowing Prophet Corvell to complete his thought and create ChurchedOut. CHANGE IS GOOOD!

    • Alicia says:

      Amen Master student Matasha! I could not say it any better! Prophet Corvel has really completed his thought with ChurchedOut! Al the prophets and prophetesses are amazing and this ministry is destined for Greatness! CHANGE IS GOOD!

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