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69 Comments to Donations

  1. Samaria Richard says:

    My “I am thinking right” seed…

  2. Jessica johnson says:

    Transition seed sow $10

  3. Levada Torres aka Fefe rozap says:

    22 dollars Job seed

  4. Levada Torres aka Fefe rozap says:

    Prophet Corvell
    Truly a gift to the bony of Christ
    New Dimensional teachings

  5. I am so grateful to Prophet for his word the love he has for his students the drive he has for us to understand and over life and the word of God!Thank you Hallelujah PRAISE GOD Thank You Jesus

  6. Sonoria Mosley says:

    Bless you Prophet / Pastor Corvell I sowe to see I just want to thank the Lord for everything he has done for me and will continue to do for me

  7. Samaria Richard says:

    I sowed a $3 borrow seed

  8. Samaria Richard says:

    God bless you Prophet Brown…
    Every prophetic word has manifested in my life that you spoke into my life… God’s word does not return void to him but manifest where it was sent…

  9. Mia says:

    I have sown my wealth seed

  10. Samaria Richard says:

    Life changing word

  11. Nicole Seabrook says:

    I was blessed to hear the awesome word of God on Resurrection Sunday via Fb. Pastor Brown keep doing what you’re doing! God bless you! I did send in my Matthew 5:45 seed!!! I’m expecting a move of God!


  12. Prophetess Trice says:

    Churched Out is life changing so many prophesies has came to
    Pass I love the life this ministry gives me

  13. Sonoria God Saved My Life says:

    I’m sowing my shift seed for my family and me also the lord has gave me maraclueles blessings thank you lord and thank you prophet/ Pastor Corvell Brown for helping me to position my self in order to revive my blessings

  14. Fabianna Anderson says:

    I’m believing God for supernal expectations to be learnt through the man of God Prophet Corvel. A strong anointing flowing in this year 2017 that no man will comprehend or take away.

  15. Fabianna Anderson says:

    Thanking Prophet for video chat with me and my daughter who was depress and difiate. She is really doing better….
    She takes correction she’s more open minded and appreciative
    Bless you man of God continue to be a vessel and blessing

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