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ChurchedOut The Mind Building Ministry is bringing change directly to your home 24/7!
Join us throughout the week for church in your home via live video and speak with the Prophets and Prophetess of Churchedout LIVE! Come have church like never before and experience “THE MIND BUILDING MINISTRY”. We offer a mentorship program you can email us at and we will be able to get you more information and signed up today.



MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 70 Richton park, il 60471

 (Please address any check or money order to Churchedout.)

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Join the Prophets throughout the week for Church like you’ve never had it before! We bring church right to your home with our conference line system or our live video feed. If you can’t join us live we record EVERY call for you, just dial the recorded number.

  • Sunday Service 8:30 AM via





6 Comments to Contact Us

  1. Janis Black says:

    Good Morning. I just watched Prophet Corvell Brown on Facebook live and let me tell you, I needed to hear that word this morning.. my mind set has been jacked by so many negative thoughts. I justed wanted to say thanks for redirection this morning Thanks so much..

  2. Fabianna Anderson says:

    Yes this word has really opened up my eyes. Very great understanding/overstanding. Can’t place new wine in old skin…time to rethink my future

  3. Master Student Joseph Hatchett says:

    I really enjoyed Tuesday night on the subject Why am I a Master Student and I am a master because ? Thank you churched out Ministry for being a vessel and standing in the gap for uplifting Gods people with the knowledge of the Kingdom. I really enjoy hearing the word from you guys because I always get confirmations and revelations from you guys keep on shining your light in these dark times may God continue to bless the whole churched out ministry staff in all areas of your lives and thanks again.

  4. I really enjoyed the Wednesday bible study Call “Why are you christian ? Who told you were a christian?” It was different and interesting, Prophet C. Brown brought out many truths and gave us better insight of a Christian. He pretty much gave us our special goggles/glasses so that we see past what’s natural to men. Giving us better eye sight causing us to see the future more clearer than an magnifying glass focused on an atom. We have to get out of our religious mindsets and not follow others But stand up and make a good sound decision. Subtract the titles & denominations and just be Christ-Like, doing what right in the sight of the never ending Father.

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