Become a Master Student Today!!

              Some of ChurchedOut Master Students Sign-up to be mentored by Churchedout Ministries! Become a Master Student today & learn how to master your life! Sign up below What is next?   Purchase your book, Master Student Mastery 50 Mentorship Mastery Keys   Listen to our recordings of past lessons by dialing 530-881-1399 passcode 764055   We willRead the rest of this page »

Get Relationship Mentorship Today

    Why live in relationship misery when you can have relationship mastery? The Prophet has created Relationship Mentorship classes to help you have greater wisdom within your future or current relationship. If you feel that you desire more Relationship Wisdom sign up today. There are some requirements  that are required of you once you sign up. 1. Sign upRead the rest of this page »

24 Hour Prayer Line

For those of you who don’t know ChurchedOut We are dedicated to help you live your best life! You can contact us any hour of the day and receive prayer. You no longer have to struggle, call us let us help!  

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